An Irritating Advance
Chapter Info
Volume: 107
Chapter: 1047
Japanese Title: 忌々しい前進
Romanized Title: Imaimashī Zenshin
Total Pages: 11
Chapter Chronology
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An Irritating Advance is the 1047th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Date comments on Ippo's fight, according to him Ippo now easily close in and if his boxing is proving to be effective then they are looking at quite an intresting develpoment. If he keeps going like this he may go to the top. But Takamura doesn't agree with him and he feels like Date is over simplifying Gonzales. Date defends that he is just talking about the potential.

Crowd cheers for Ippo. Ippo thinks he can get close to him and dashes in but Gonzales backs off again. Everybody thinks Gonzales was about to do something. Ippo keeps dashing but Gonzales avoid fighting after that throws out a barrage of lefts, Gonzales miss a couple of lefts but land a lot of them. But it doesn't deter Ippo even while being struck he presses forward. Sendou and Miyata thinks at the same time, it will not effect Ippo. Ippo do not wants to rush and waits a couple of seconds and starts moving forward. Crowd cheers for Ippo again. Gonzales starts hitting with his left, Ippo defends himself. Ippo moves forward with every dodge and hit.

Sendou and Miyata both says that won't stop him. Coach Kamogawa starts to believe Ippo may win this match more and more. Then he shouts to say go for it and everyone starts to shout "Go Makunouchi!"...

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