Ali Shuffle
Alternate Name(s) N/A
User(s) Itagaki Manabu
Real-Life User(s) Muhammad Ali
First Appearance
Manga N/A

Ali Shuffle (アリシャフル lit. ari shafuru) is a famous series of boxing footwork created by boxer Muhammad Ali as a taunting mechanism. Other than its use as a device to irritate other boxers in the ring, the Ali Shuffle serves no other purpose. Its derivation, the Itagaki Shuffle, combines footwork with movements in the upper body to create a full-body feint.


The Ali Shuffle (when executed by Muhammad Ali) is done at middle to close range and amidst a barrage of punches. When executed by Itagaki Manabu, the Ali Shuffle is done at long-range purely with footwork and used as a method of confusion to catch Saeki Takuma with his guard down. In this instance, Itagaki has both arms to his side, focusing on his lower body as his feet move rapidly across the canvas as if he were running on the spot.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

Albeit strong as a taunting mechanism, it is mentioned by Takamura Mamoru during the match that the Ali Shuffle does not have an offensive or defensive purpose, but merely serves as a move that taunts the opponent when they are in a pinch. Itagaki is then seen adding his personal touch to the shuffle, evolving it into an effective full-body feint that baffles even boxers with honed boxing sense.


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