Abominable Second Round
Chapter Info
Volume: 38
Chapter: 335
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Abominable Second Round is the 335th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Date and Martinez approach each other thinking how much they have improved over the past seven years, while the audience watches in fear and anticipation the round that was the end of the challenger seven years prior. Martinez then begins the motion for a straight, but the swing is so obvious that Date is able to dodge it. However, the punch passes only centimeters away from him and pierces the very air behind him. Date begins falling victim to "the world's greatest pressure", and hesitates about his moves. Martinez throws a left to the head, but Date turns his head away and minimizes the damage. When Date tries to get away from the ropes he is against, his escape attempt is shut down by a faster Martinez who this time attacks the body to keep him still. realizing that Martinez is baiting him into attack in order to counter, Date feints an attack and tries a counter of his own. However, Martinez's tactic was a counter to Date's that lands perfectly on the body. On his way to the floor Date manages to regain balance and enters an exchange of head blows with the champion, who is still surprised at Date surviving the hit. The exchange is dominated by the champion when he lands an uppercut with enough power to end the fight, but Date remains standing and throws a hook that the champion dodges. Martinez asks himself if it is possible that during the seven years since the first fight, there was someone Date faced with punches as strong as his. Date not only remains awake through the hits, but returns some of his own. The second round ends with Martinez having more admiration for Date, and the latter satisfied at having changed the result from the first match.

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