Aaron Domingo (アーロン・ドミンゴ, lit. āron domīngō) (แอรอนโดมิงโก lit. Xæ rxn do ming ko) is a Lightweight boxer and former holder of the OPBF Lightweight title prior to his loss against Mashiba Ryou.

Aaron Domingo
Aaron Domingo
Native Name แอรอนโดมิงโก
Japanese Name アーロン・ドミンゴ
Gender Male
Homeland Thailand Thailand
Occupation Professional Boxer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Lightweight
Style In-Fighting
Stance Orthodox Boxing Stance
Boxing Record
Rank 5th (WBC)
Total fights 25
Wins 21
Wins by KO 19
Losses 3
Draws 1
Championships OPBF Lightweight Champion
Manga Debut Round 853
Anime Debut Does not appear


As a minor character among others, Domingo's past is never elaborated on in the series. It is known that at some point of his boxing career he attained and held the OPBF Lightweight title, but subsequently loses in a title defense bout against Mashiba Ryou in the tenth round by KO.

Match HistoryEdit

 No. Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
25 LOSS 21-3-1 Japan Mashiba Ryou KO 10(12), 0:44 1997-4-27 Tokyo, Japan Mashiba's Return From Suspension Match, Lost OPBF Lightweight Title

Fighting StyleEdit

His style is said to be similar to Makunouchi Ippo's. Domingo is an in fighter of great skill, and is said to have been a very powerful puncher and tough contender. Being able to take an exceptional fighter like Mashiba into the tenth round, it can also be assumed that Domingo has a great amount of stamina and/or spirit. Having been the OPBF Lightweight Champion for some time in his career, it can be assumed that Domingo would at least know the very basics of boxing.




  • His name was mistaken as "Aaron Domirego" in fan-translations which they were translating from magazine releases of the chapters back in 2010, and therefore they didn't have alot of information on the names, the information from those changed into the final releases of the volume which had better information on the name and matches.

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