A Vow


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Season: Third (Rising)
Episode: 25
Duration: 22:47

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A Vow is the 25th episode and also final episode of Hajime no Ippo: Rising series, it was released on March 29th, 2014.

As the end of the Rising series, and the end of the After the War Arc, we finally get to see Kamogawa's full power with tekken that nearly kills Anderson. In the end after winning the match and with two broken fists, he says to Yuki that he will raise up a world champion in the near future, since he couldn't do it by himself cause of both of his fists broken. Nekota leaves with Yuki, to the country side of Japan, so she can enjoy all her life that's left. After it finished, Aoki and Ippo got very emotional from the story and Kamogawa said that Takamura wasn't trained by him, it was all his own, but instead the one is Makunouchi Ippo who has the real will, as Nekota said. 


Kamogawa courage
The final episode of this season starts with Kamogawa almost goes losing, until Nekota gave him as much spirit he had in his fist when he came with Yuki. Kamogawa goes on the attack, but gets hit with Anderson's left numerous times and Dankichi is ready to throw in the towel to save him, and not to watch him die like that. Nekota says that if he throw in the towel, he is the one who will get killed, by Kamogawa. As the match goes, Miguel says in his mind, that Kamogawa has Iron determination, just like his fists which as it appears they leave a mark on Anderson's both arms. Without speed like Nekota, Kamogawa is able to push Anderson on the ropes, from his strong punches. Hama and Nekota are saying that Kamogawa's weapon is courage.

Anderson goes out of the ropes and again and again hits Kamogawa, until he gets unconscious which he doesn't. Kamogawa dives in, aiming for his guts and the heavy artillery right of Anderson's comes to him, as his second Miguel said, that if the opponent is short, take him with a right, if he comes diving in. Kamogawa gets hit by Anderson's right, but he still stands by enduring it. Nekota was right about his body wide opened, and now that Kamogawa found his weakness, he is ready to dive in again and hit him at his ribs and organs. Anderson doesn't stand back, he lands his right faster than Kamogawa's left. Yuki tells to Kamogawa, that Nekota fights too right now, and that he must do his best to beat the american. Meanwhile the cornermen of Anderson talk about that if something bad happens he can use the rabbit punch to knock him down, just like he did to Nekota. Miguel says that he will not break the rules again, by that illegal blow he did then, and that he will fight Kamogawa fair, as a proud boxer and that he trained much to achieve that.

Anderson and Kamogawa go on the attack both, as Kamogawa aims for the body, he gets hit first but after seen his body wide open, he is ready to attack with all he has. Kamogawa for the first time, hits cleanly finally Anderson with his left Tekken and it gets injured. The one that hurts more now is Anderson, instead of Kamogawa. By lefting his jaw open, Kamogawa has one more ammo left, his deadly right. Anderson thinks that he will hit his face, as also Miguel says to Anderson to raise his guard. Instead Kamogawa is aiming for his body. The right Tekken explodes on Anderson's ribs and organs inside, that nearly kills him, and lifts him up right in the air.

Both of Kamogawa's fist are broken and if Anderson gets up he will be finished. Anderson cannot stand up, and leaves by a stretcher. Miguel comes to Kamogawa and raises his arm up, saying that he is the winner.
After the fight at the end, it is time for Nekota to leave off to the mountains were he lives, and Yuki comes with him as on how much life she had left, to live with him. The train is ready to leave, and Kamogawa says to Yuki that he will raise up a world champion, since he cannot do it cause both of his broken fists, he will go learn more about boxing. Yuki enters the train and sits with Nekota, and by the window Nekota shouts to Kamogawa, that their fight isn't finished. The story ends it there, as we get back to Kamogawa's gym, were Aoki and Ippo get all emotional. As both of them went to pray to Yuki to be succesfull, Nekota says that Ippo is the real achievement and successor of Kamogawa, and that he has the will of him, and not Takamura. As Kamogawa said Takamura, became world champion without much of training, and that he just wanted it. Everyone leaves the room, Yuki's voice sounds out, saying again the words she said to Kamogawa. "Until then, take care".



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  • Difference is only the story was after the fight with Hawk, and that the places are different were the story takes place. It is told in Nekota's place in the mountains, in the winter.