A Single Moment of Laughter
Chapter Info
Volume: 15
Chapter: 131
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
Chapter Chronology
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A Single Moment of Laughter is the 131st chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.


  • Characters Introduced: None
  • Locations Introduced: None
  • Techniques Introduced: None
  • Mentioned Boxers: None
  • Title Page Character(s): Miyata Ichirou, Jimmy Sisphar


Sisphar, receives the full power of Miyata's jolt counter straight to the face and immediately falls down. Miyata walks to the neutral corner and turns his back to the downed fighter. Even though Miyata is sure that Sisphar can not possibly get back up, he begins to worry when he sees the people reacting to something behind him. Miyata slowly turns around, only to notice Sisphar's corner, throwing the towel.

Thinking the atmosphere will turn hostile, Miyata's father suggest they leave quickly, but the people respond by cheering for Miyata. Chana congratulates Miyata, who at first appears to not hear, but then turns around and smiles.

A few days later, Payao drives Miyata to the airport, as he and his party plan to leave leave for Korea in order to challenge stronger opponents. Before he leaves, Miyata tells Chana the same words his father told him: that the keys to a good counter are "timing... and heart".

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