A Savage Scenario


Episode Info

Season: Third (Rising)
Episode: 09
Duration: 22:52

Episode Chronology

The Mad Dog and The Red Wolf The Face of Determination

A Savage Scenario is the ninth episode in the new Hajime no Ippo: Rising series, and was released on  November 30th, 2013.

Kamogawa tells Volg that he will introduce him to an American friend. Before leaving for America, Volg trains more after seeing videos of Sawamura's past matches, with the intent of sparring Ippo and demonstrating the Dempsey Roll counter. Later the sparring starts. While in the spar, Volg stops Ippo's Dempsey Roll with a counter, rendering Ippo unconscious. Afterwards, Ippo continues training hard, trusting in Kamogawa's methods.



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